Hold a Postcard Party

1. First things first: You’ll need some postcards. You can use the SaveOhioLibraries card. Or these. Or you can purchase  pre-print stamped postcards from your local post office (I like these flower ones).

2. Markers, crayons, stamps and pens. It’s a party! Have fun and make it your own.

3. Snacks! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy: just munchable. Bonus point if you can incorporate a literary theme.

4. Advertise: tell your friends, put it on the social media of your choice. Talk it up to everyone you meet.

5. Location. There’s always your library’s meeting room; but consider other locations as well. Local coffee shops and campus common areas work well too.

6. Make it fun! Advocacy can be tiring. Making it enjoyable will keep your spirits up. Think about music to set the mood.