Great for the Economy

Libraries are a smart investment.  A recent study shows that for every dollar spent on Ohio public libraries, Ohioans received $5.48 in economic value.  Because library resources are freely available, their role in the economy may be dismissed or forgotten.  However, libraries play a key role in financially strengthening local communities. They provide a work space for telecommuters, supply free internet access for people looking for employment opportunities, and offer job and interview training for those in need.  In helping individual community members financially succeed in their lives and small businesses, libraries help entire communities succeed at boosting their economy and growing their local wealth.
Libraries are for job seekers and entrepreneurs: According to the ALA, 73% of public libraries assist their patrons with job applications and interviewing skills, and 48% provide access and assistance to entrepreneurs looking to start a business of their own. In many cases, like the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, local governments work together with libraries to help small business owners by providing them with online and in-person resources, including financial guidance, contract opportunities, market information, business plans, and much more.
Libraries are for all classes and economic statuses: Broadly speaking, adults with higher levels of education and household income are more likely to use public libraries than those with lower household incomes and lower levels of education. However, among those who have used a library in the past year, adults living in lower-income households are more likely to say various library services are very important to them and their families than those living in higher-income households.


Libraries are for everyone: According to the ALA, librarians in public and academic libraries across the country answer nearly 6.6 million questions every week.on a range of topics such as health insurance, taxes, and technology so that they can enrich their lives and reach their full potential.  If everyone who asked a question formed a line, it would span all the way from Miami, FL, to Juneau, AK.